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2013 Freedman announcement

Dieses Thema im Forum "ABC Jazz" wurde erstellt von ABC Jazz, 2.Februar.2015.

  1. ABC Jazz

    ABC Jazz Guest

    Pianist Marc Hannaford has been awarded the 2013 Freedman Jazz Fellowship following a performance at the Sydney Opera House. More news here.

    Marc performed alongside fellow finalists Jeremy Rose (saxophone), Raj Jayaweera (drums) and Aaron Flower (guitar). The performances took place at the Sydney Opera House Studio on August 5, 2013 in front of a live audience and judging panel of Alister Spense, Andrew Robson and Tim Firth.

    "What a wonderful night of music! A diverse and eclectic display of great talent and musicality. Australia continues to enable strong individual voices to emerge. Long may it continue." Judges comments.

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    Marc Hannaford Freedman 2013 2
    Marc Hannaford Freedman 2013
    Raj Jayaweera Freedman 2013 2
    Aaron Flower Freedman 2013
    Jeremy Rose Freedman 2013
    Aaron Flower Freedman 2013 2
    Jeremy Rose Freedman 2013 2
    Raj Jayaweera Freedman 2013
    Marc Hannaford Freedman 2013 3

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