2007 Drum Corps Preview PART I

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    The 2007 Drum Corps International (DCI) season is sure to be a memorable one. Ending with the championships taking place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, DCI member corps will travel thousands of miles across the country rehearsing and performing their 12-minute shows. In this season preview episode, we'll hear from the directors of: The Cavaliers, Cadets, Colts and Carolina Crown. For more information on DCI or the member corps featured in this podcast, please visit: www.dci.org www.cavaliers.org www.yea.org/cadets www.colts.org www.carolinacrown.org Feel free to send your comments and suggestions to bandandorchestra@yamaha.com. Also - if you have time, we'd appreciate you filling out a short 2-minute survey about the Yamaha Podcasts on the www.yamaha.com/podcasts webpage.

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